How it works?

Welcome to the future of car shades. A new way of thinking about shade.

The Car Shade is inovating and creating a new car shade industry.

1) The Car Shade™ is a new automated device that will protect your car from the sun and give you shade instantly with a click on a remote control. It deploys and retracts automatically in seconds.
2) The Car Shade™ will be installed very securely on your vehicles like a roof rack or police siren lights. It can also be attached to an existing roof rack. The Car Shade™ could be built in a vehicle similar to a sunroof system. You can also use magnets for more practical and easy use.
  3) The Car Shade™ is very secure and easy to use. It has several safety fixtures like an anti-wind sensor to prevent strong wind damage. Another safety fixture is a "killer switch sensor". This sensor will prevent The Car Shade™ to deploy while driving.
 4) The Car Shade™ will come with one generic tarp that can be replaced at any time by the customer. The customer can express himself or herself with personalized car shade tarps. The customer has the option to support nonprofit organizations when buying a tarp with their logo. The Car Shade™ can also work as a marketing tool for large corporations to small individual businesses and entrepreneurs.
 5) Studies made by NASA showed that the interior temperature of your vehicle could rise up to 80 degrees hotter than the outside temperature in just minutes. Your hot car can become a deadly oven very rapidly.


6) The direct sunlight can also destroy the interior and exterior of your vehicle. There are several products on the market to help prevent all this damage made by the sun, but there is not a single hassle-free product that will do what The Car Shade™ can do.

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