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Sales and Installations

Let's get ready!

We are working very hard to bring The Car Shade™ to the market.

Please send us your information, we will then let you know as soon as The Car Shade™ is available in your area. 


Four things to remember


1) We will need your contact information including your e-mailcitystate or province and country if outside of US. We will then let you know where there is a distributor or installer close to you.


2) We will need your year, make and model of your vehicle. We will then let you know what model of The Car Shade™ you will need.


3) Please type all this information inside the Message and Car Information section of the form.


4) Please remember to double check for any typos, especially your email address. ( We will not sell your information to any other company )

Thank you.

Your details were sent successfully! Thank you for contacting The Car Shade

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