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Is The Car Shade™ real?


Yes, The Car Shade™ is a real product. We have worked on the development of The Car Shade™ for many years. You will be able to order The Car Shade™ after the product release date.

Is The Car Shade™ secure?


Yes, The Car Shade™ is very secure, especially when a professional install it. The Car Shade™ is as secure as a police siren light. The Car Shade™ comes with a list of safety and security sensors that makes The Car Shade™ one of the most secure products in the market. Some of the safety fixtures are an anti-wind sensor to prevent strong wind damage. Another safety fixture is a "killer switch sensor". This sensor will prevent The Car Shade™ from deploying while driving.

Can I replace The Car Shade™ Tarp and can I order a custom made one?


Yes, The Car Shade™ tarps are replaceable and can be made customized with your business logo or with an organization of your choice that you would like to support.

Can I install The Car Shade™ by myself?


No, we do not recommend it. To prevent any problem with malfunction or bad installation, we strongly suggest that you leave it to the trained professionals.

Who can install The Car Shade™?


Any car audio or security retailer and installer that has been certified by The Car Shade™ training team can install it. They need to have The Car Shade™ credentials to be able to install it. We will release a list of credited installers on The Car Shade™ release day.

How much will The Car Shade™ cost?


The Car Shade™ price is not released yet, but we believe that it will be a very affordable price and it will be worth every single penny. If you would like to have an idea and compare The Car Shade™ with a product, you can use an electric security remote start, as an example. A price of a remote start is easily over a couple of hundreds of dollars and it does not even protect your car while it is parked. It will only cool it off after you have started your car for five to ten minutes. The Car Shade™ will protect your car from the interior and exterior sun damage, including bird droppings, while it is parked and without spending gasoline.

When will The Car Shade™ be available for sale?


After ten years of research and development, we are very happy to announce that The Car Shade™ is done and it will be ready for sale and distribution soon. We are working very hard to achieve our goals. We understand our customer’s needs and we thank you for your support and patience. The Car Shade™ is a product worth waiting for. The Car Shade™ will innovate the way we liveIt is for that reason that we urge you to send us an email so we can have your contact information and you can be one of the first people to know when the product is ready for sale. Some of you have followed us and waited for years. We want to thank you for being patient and loyal as we all wait for this outstanding product to be released. 

After the release day, where can I buy The Car Shade™?


The Car Shade™ will be sold in most Car Audio and Alarm companies, Auto Part companies, and Electronic Retail companies and in some retail chain corporations in the USA and some other countries of the world. We will release the list of retailers on The Car Shade™ release day.

Can I become a distributor or an investor for The Car Shade™?


Yes, we are gathering information for potential distributors and investors. If you would like to take advantage of this great opportunity and be part of the new innovated car shade industry, contact us for distribution at

Investors contact us at

Have more questions?


Feel free to contact us at:  Thank you.

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